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Hello World

Hi, I'm Christine. I'm currently pursuing an MS at the University of Chicago Harris School's program in Computational Analysis and Public Policy. I'm happiest working on issues at the intersection of tech, policy, and social justice.

As a programmer, I'm interested in using code and data to solve social and civic problems with human impact. As a graduate student, I've applied my data analysis and programming skills as a research assistant with RDCEP and CivicScape.

Last summer, I served as a fellow in the Mayor's Office of Chicago where I worked on the city's challenges related to sustainability, absenteeism, criminal justice, and self-driving cars. I also spent a good deal of the summer teaching policy wonks to code and honing my foosball skills.

In previous lives, I was an international development project coordinator for Education Development Center, a climate change organizer for the Union of Concerned Scientists, an agricultural intern on a vegetable farm, and an apprentice builder of solar hot air panels. In 2013, I spent the better part of the year in Xi'an, China as a Fulbright-Hays Scholar.

When I'm not at my computer, I like to be far, far away from my computer. That usually means hiking, camping, or just being outdoors.

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